Balloon Business Bootcamp (Virtual Training)

Learn How To Jumpstart Your Balloon Business From "America's Top Balloon Expert" Sandi Masori, "Balloon Coach" Joette Giardina, and "Queen of Pricing" Rachel Porter. 

THIS IS SANDI'S LAST BOOTCAMP!!!! Hurry, space is limited, only 25 people per session! 

Next Session: Feb 10, 2019


Take a look at what you'll learn and how it will help you start to see real results 

This is an intensive small group, mastermind bootcamp.  In this mastermind, you will learn what you need to take your business to the next level, and make more money. You will get a customized marketing roadmap, and a killer portfolio so you can get out there and start selling.  Because it's a very small group, you will learn as much from the other attendees as you will from the instructors. 

The training is all done online, through live webinars and self- guided instruction.  It's a 5 week bootcamp.  

The Obvious Part- The BALLOONS 

  • Learn from Sandi and some of her incredibly talented friends! 
  • We will reverse engineer pictures submitted by the students and job cost them to find out the minimum selling price. 
  • We will build the recipe for each piece, and students will make them at home and submit photos for critique.   

The Marketing 


  • We will work together to determine who your market is, what your business model is and how you can find your customers
  • We will learn how to properly price your decor 
  • We will build a flyer to be able to go out and immediately sell 
  • We will build business cards so you have your collateral ready to go
  • We will build a portfolio (see next section) 
  • We will buld a custom marketing road map so you can go back home and hit the ground running

The Portfolio


  • Sandi is also going to open up her portfolio to you so you can pick photos from Balloon Utopia and use them in your portfolio.
  • Sandi will share the recipes and her selling price for each photo you pick.  
  • You get full rights to use the un- watermarked photos in any way you choose.  



The Location

All of this is happening online - you can do it in your pajamas!! 


This course retails for $2,997, but because we want to help you reach your goals, for the fast action takers, this month, we're offering a $2,000 discount!! It's a STEAL at that price!  One good job will cover it! 

Only $997 

The Extras 

We'll even throw in a 1:1 emergency coaching sessions.  That means that we'll work with you on a quote or design over the phone or a screen share!  That alone is a $800 value!!  

The Networking 

One of the amazing things about a small group mastermind is the bonding that happens between the attendees.  You will find that not only do you learn from our experts, you will also be learning from each other.  Often the friendships that are built in this type of intensive seminar are life-long.  

The Instruction

While the learning continues the entire 5 weeks (& beyond through the community), enjoy a blended learning approach of 5 webinars with an expert instructor and self- paced instruction with activities and assignments to hone your skills and ensure you develop a solid foundation.  


The Community 

It doesn't end once the course is over.  Alumni of the course will be invited to a private facebook community where they can network with other alumni and ask design, marketing and pricing questions.  

This course will be $1,997 if you buy after Feb 3,  but because we value fast action implementors, and we really want you to exceed your goals, and keep your resolutions, we're offering a $1000 discount if you buy now!!  Plus as a bonus, you'll get IMMEDIATE access to the training from the last bootcamp! So you can get started and make money on those Summer jobs!  There's also some other secret suprise bonuses that you will LOVE!!  

Only $997 

If you have questions, or need to make payments*, please call Sandi at 619 339 8024 

* Call for information and to schedule payment arrangements.  Please note, there is a better discount for one-pay investments than for payments.  

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